•        Bag or Bagless Vacuum Cleaners?
    •        The truth about vacuum cleaners!
    •      Over 20 million vacuums end up in landfill every year!

    Vacuum cleaners do not clean a vacuum! They are air movers = airflow.

    •        What makes a good vacuum cleaner (air mover)?

    First for rugs the roller brush dose most of the work that’s why carpet sweepers pick
    things off the carpet. A good brush will sweep opening the area between fibers so
    the power of air mover can lift the sand. Some air movers like the upright Kenmore,
    Panasonic, Riccars, Morse vacuums; the brush goes up and down with the handle so you
    have to hold the handle down by your knee to keep it on the carpet.  

    •        Some major carpet manufacturers will VOID THE WARRANTY on new carpet
    if you use a Dyson vacuum. Dyson is not responsible.

    •        Most plastic rollers do not last long with long hair!

    •        Simplicity is my pick for the best brush for long hair.

    •        What is the power made of?

    Like a human breathing intake exhaust!   For us car nuts its simple you can have a
    5000 horse power dragster up agents a stock Volkswagen. But you have the wheels of the
    dragster are jack up off the ground. Volkswagen wins! Now the wheels are on the ground.
    Now we put your hand over the intake closed. Volkswagen wins! Now the wheels are on the
    ground and intake wide open. Someone had welded the exhaust closed.   Volkswagen wins!

    •        Brush = wheels. Change your belts 2 times a year!
    Roller brush’s are like a toothbrush they do go soft!
    •        Intake = movement of air
    •        Exhaust = bag or filter
    •        Bagless vacuums are a joke!
    Marketing all the way!
    Come on, look at it like this, lets put a car filter on my vacuum fill it with fine dirt and expect
    to win the race. So the vacuum people came up with H.E.P.A. High Efficiency
    Particulate Arresting
    The term "Particulate Air" conveys no meaning. So your window screens can be a
    HEPA type filter it can stop dirt the size of your finger 100%.

    A lot of bagless vacuum have little filtration before the motor so it gets full of dirt but
    it has an H.E.P.A. filter at the exhaust!!! Bagless have a short life!!!

    •        Bagless has to spin the dirt like a tornado! Heavy things like hair slow down
    the movement of air. So you should dump every room.
    •        Take the bagless challenge with any bagless!
    Get a box of Carpet Fresh or Baking Soda put it on the floor remember it is only clean dirt
    Most likely you will blow clean dirt in your room.
    Please do not get mad at me because it killed your bagless vacuum it is only clean dirt right!
    I did not sell it to you ok!!!   You see I liked to be proved wrong! Thanks for the repair!
    People buy vacuums to pick up dirt right!

    •        A bag vacuum is like a hurricane the bag is the eye of the storm. A beautiful
    day in the eye! The air spins around the .1 micron bag. A large human hair is 200
    microns. The bag has lined micro filters in it to vibrate keeping the dust in and
    airflow going. Fill like a brick!!!

    •        Motors: Amps horse powers

    If you have been around something that is electric that took a lot of power you have
    the slow draw then it runs.
    Vacuum people said when it first starts, max amps that is what we will use! No we
    should let it run!  No we should cover the intake!  No we should weld the exhaust!  
    When dose it get 12 amps???!!!!

    Types of vacuum motors
    •        Flow through motor everything you pickup goes through the motor pushing the
    airflow to and through the bag. This style is what Kirby uses! Plastic has gotten
    better look at are crash helmets. Kirby is a great vacuum! If you have a Kirby the
    last 20 years use the new white HEPA bag. You will love it, more power!!!

    •        Bypass motor the dirt goes into the bag bypassing the motor. This style has a
    lot of pull! Like the ones at the car wash! Inch of water lift = how much water you
    can lift up a once inch tube at sea level.   Physic teaches us 32 feet max. I know it
    makes my head spin too!

    •        Simplicity has made a vacuum with one of each motor the Synergy. This is
    one great dirt mover. When I was a carpet cleaner people would say the carpets
    look great but can you do anything for the spots, while I am still vacuuming! Hands
    down the best vacuum I have ever used. No one can sell Simplicity’s on line you
    have to find a retailer near you.
    •             Commercial vacuum
    The only thing making the vacuum commercial is a 3 prong cord. End of story!

    •     Vacuum shops are to expensive
    Most of you have paid over $400 in vacuums over the years. Now you are looking
    for another. If you came to our shop you would still have the $200 vacuum!

    •        Most vacuum shops warranty what they sell. So they do not sell junk! Our
    store we give a year labor warranty. Manufacture warrants covers defects not belt
    •        We change the belt on all vacuum sales. New in the box a belt on the thin post
    forms around the shaft  making a bump slip stretch to 20%+ in 6 months!
    •        Most vacuum shops have a better parts or labor price for people who buy a
    vacuum from them.
    •        If you buy a vacuum from us: No rental fee on the Host dry carpet cleaning
    •        So do not buy a vacuum on line or in a big box store.
              YOU NEED TO TRY THEM OUT!!!!!!

    •        What vacuums are worth owning?
    It is always about the money! Hoover Tempo we sell it for $99.95.
    It includes a pack of bags and 1 belt!!!
    The vacuums are on the low end for a reason we have to make adjustment to each
    vacuum before they leave the store. Do not buy the vacuum with out the
    adjustments!!! You will hate me!

    •        If you are going to spend more than that get a Simplicity!

    •        Miele has outstanding quality!
    •        Kirby new or used you will have this vacuum forever! We call it the vacuum
    that comes with a complete set of divorce attachments. The attachment set is
    cumbersome! The shampooer is well worth it!!!
    •        Filter Queen or Princess new or used canister. One of the best vacuums ever
    •        Tri Star or Compact new or used. One of the best vacuums ever made!
    •        Fuller Brush Vacuums
    •        Carpet Pro vacuums
    •        Riccar vacuums
    •        Fast Vac vacuum

    •        What about Rainbow vacuums?
    If you take a cigarette hold it with a pair of pliers (it will hot box) next to the water
    inlet. The smoke goes in the water as little bubbles. The “now damp” smoke
    bubbles go to the top of the water and burst smoke into the vacuum into the room!  If
    it can not trap what I see how it going to trap what I can see? The new rainbow has
    a HEPA filter to try to stop this. This will cost you an $80 filter and pay me to get the
    damp smoke smell out of the vacuum!

    •        Rainbow vacuums are a good vacuum. You will get your money's worth.
    You have to be a master repair person to fix rainbows! All the dampness with the
    fine dirt gets and sticks to everything. Rust and corrosion!! Dry your rainbow let it
    run with out water thanks!!

    •        Oreck very small motor! Sorry to tell you the Oreck vacuum is the weakest
    vacuum I sell. Hard to put an 8 pound motor in an 8 pound vacuum!
         The Simplicity Freedom has a lot more power for less money!

    •        Kenmore vacuums!
    What happened to Sears? The last ten years the quality has gone down! The
    service is poor and expensive $69.00 to change a belt! The price on parts is so
    outrages I make the customer order the parts so they do not think I am ripping them

    •        What do I do about stairs?
    Royal dirt devil hand vacuum!  It has a good brush and bag! Some out to lunch
    engineer put tools on a small flow through motor. Has all the air flow power for the
    •        Battery or plug into your car?
    Save your money!!

    •        I do not care what you buy as long as you know what you get.

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